Stage I  Construction of Authoritative Ecosystem


Our team has extensive and authoritative resources, including collections of major museums, authoritative records, and auction market information data, all of which are necessary for building an authoritative ecosystem. Resources including reliable authoritative collection information and collectors' appreciation works and records are digitalized, combined with inalterable and credible blockchains; an authoritative, informative database is built with Waltonchain and exclusively presented on Freyr APP. In the exhibition halls and auction houses, smart guide robots are used to efficiently present Authoritative artwork information in a targeted and real time manner, creating a highly authoritative ecosystem of art culture. 

   Stage II   Exploration of Extensive and Potential


Private Markets To create a digital museum exhibition hall, a touch screen digital terminal can be installed in front of the collection booth to change presentations according to collections and promote the Freyr APP platform.With Freyr APP, users can enjoy all kinds of classic collections on mobile APP, learn related knowledge and check records. Freyr’s brand effect is enhanced by constant optimization of user experience an satisfaction, thus expanding thenumber of users. The APP’s chain window of private collections is developed to explore a wide range of private collections. The ecosystem of collection culture is expanded b encouraging private users to put their collections on the chain

Stage III  Mass Authoritative Collection 


With the promotion of the platform, a large number of collection fans can register a unique credible personal ID through the platform to publish creations and collections, which will be stored in the blockchain database. Collections are shared on the blockchain platform in an honest and reliable way and is reviewed by the public and evaluated by experts. The real value of collections will be continuously realized by platform users’ different operations on collections, and finally high-value collections will reach the grade of advanced collections. Collection fans interact on the platform. The number of their eligible collections and adopted reviews will increase the grade of their collections and they can grow from collection fans to collectors to achieve self-growth.

    Stage IV  Mature Collection Culture Ecosystem 


  When the platform is popularized among the public to some extent, functions like collection training, creation exhibitions and personal collection studios will be added, helping people who don’t know collections understand collections through the platform and become collection creators. The qualified collection fans will finally become collectors recognized by the public. A collection culture ecosystem for everyone is formed based on authoritative information, information, a wide range of collection fans, a perfect and stable operation mode, and a reliable blockchain database

Freyrchain devotes itself to building the first blockchain-based collection authentication platform worldwide.