Market Value

Freyrchain has the biggest entity Chinese art library and the biggest collection database in the world, covering almost all known published Chinese art books and records worldwide, including over 200,000 published physical journals, of which more than 20% are out-of-print publications. Not only this, quite a few of publications that have only one copy are owned only by Freyrchain. The database of Freyrchain includes nearly 40 million art data and increases at a rate of 100,000 each month, of which the One Thousand Character Primer of Huai Su’s Calligraphy Reproduced by Yu Zijun in 1470 (Ming Xianzong's 6th year of reign) is the earliest digital data while The Complete Works of William Shakespeare of 1593 and the Pictures of Ancient Jades of 1752 are the earliest physical records. This database can provides enthusiasts with abundant collection information, including transfer, authentication and value change of collections and allow them to realize value discovery of art collections to the maximum extent.
At current, our partners include such as Shanghai Branch of The Palace Museum and Peabody Essex Museum and a large quantity of specialized users within the art industry. They contribute over 100,000 inquires each month to the platform. After our apps become accessible in the future, global art enthusiasts will become our loyal users.
Every one can apply to be a member of Freyrchain. Members and art works on our platform that embody value of each stage will continuously grow: Members become artists and collectors endorsed by the public while art works become more valuable and grow to be treasures. The continuous growing users will in turn benefit the development of Freyrchain art and culture ecosystem, and contribute to the continuously developing global culture ecosystem where users and Freyrchain can benefit each other.

A.   The most authoritative art database:

The database is able to provide the whole world with the most specialized and authoritative data query service. FREC will serve as the only interactive right within the Freyrchain ecosystem.

B.    FREC-reflection of art right:

Members need to pay FREC for items released by other members as its estimated value. Rewarding FREC will be given to the issuer based on the estimated value, actual closing price and positive appraisals earned by the item.

C.   Efficient query and study platform:

 Members can improve themselves by learning from the platform. The platform has specialized and authoritative database, of which members may make inquiry (some contents may require FREC) on the platform.

D.   Reward mechanism:

 Members can write their reviews for one certain item based on their study after paying FREC and after the transaction is done, they may be given some FREC in return as a reward if their reviews turn out to head the same development direction with the item in question and are liked by others.

E.    Incentive measures:

 After members give their reviews, the platform may upgrade their account if their reviews turn out to in accordance with development direction of the collections. Members of different grades get different rewards after they write reviews. This helps the platform head towards good development direction.

F.    FERC:

Members may pay some FREC to initiate some activities, such as training and exhibition. They can get paid and rewarded if the activities bring good influences. And the person who created a certain item may become a well-known artisan as the item becomes more valuable and popular. By attracting a large amount of enthusiasts to the platform, we are able to produce artisans, create art works and exert an extensive influence on the society. 

Freyrchain devotes itself to building the first blockchain-based collection authentication platform worldwide.