The company is currently adhering to the concept of technological innovation and has a number of intellectual property rights in the use of blockchain technology. Since 2006, its professional team has accumulated a large amount of Chinese art and cultural collection materials, such as books as well as publications, and digitized nearly 20,000 copies of the substantive texts collected since 2010; thus, the world's most comprehensive Chinese art database is available from that time. With further development, this team has collected and digitalized more and more books as well as publications about all kinds of art; hence, currently, Freyrchain has the biggest physical library and the richest artwork database basically covering the most widely known Chinese art books published in the world and art books about other countries. The digitalized art book in the database with the longest history is theYu Zijun Imitates Huaisus Cursive Script in Thousands of Wordscreated in 1470 (Ming dynasty, Chenghua 6th year), as for art of other countries, the physical material with the longest history is the Complete Works of Shakespeare of the 1593 edition and the one with second longest history is the Ancient Jade Map whose owner wasQianlong (a famous emperor of Qing dynasty) published in 1752. 

This database can provide collection enthusiasts with abundant collection information, including transfer record, authentication and value change of collections to maximize the value of art collections. 

Freyrchain devotes itself to building the first blockchain-based collection authentication platform worldwide.