1. Client Interaction

Freyr APP: providing collectors with platforms of inquiry,exhibition, transaction and information release.


2. Museum Application

Exhibition visitors can buy museum tickets through FREC Besides. The collections in the museum'sexhibition hall are all marked with a QR code Thus. Visitors can use the APP to scan the code forinformation about the collection for free. Some collection information such as the latest price and holder information can be obtained by paying a certain amount of FREC. Visitors can also comment on the exhibits via the APP.  The museum's exhibition hall is equipped with smart assistants with voice and display functions and connected to the back-end database, which are able to communicate with visitors by voice and present visual information on the display screen. Smart assistants can move and accompany visitors to introduce the various exhibits and provide query services after visitors pay a certain
amount of FREC. The museum can also assemble an intelligent terminal in front of each booth, which connects to the back-end big data center and provides different information consulting services depending on the exhibits.


3. Auction Application

Auctions can be held simultaneously both inside and outside the venue. In the auction house, each bidder's seat is equipped with an intelligent terminal. The bidder uses the intelligent terminal to participate in the auction, and can query the relevant information of the collection. Some valuable information which is helpful to the auction needs to pay a certain amount of FREC to obtain. Outside the auction house, bidders can remotely participate in the auction through APP, which will display the on-site and off-site price records. After the auction is completed, all bidders who have participated in the bidding will receive the appropriate FREC as a reward


4. Copyright Transaction and Contract Filing Application

Freyrchain makes it more convenient, efficient, transparent and open for the obligee to dispose his rights and query the ownership, which creates a better trading environment for both parties. Based on the blockchain technology, contracts, works, pictures and other documents can be solidified by the hash certificate, using CA certification and electronic signature technology to achieve the electronic contract signing of online business process and the electronic certificate of the whole process, so as to form a trusted electronic voucher of the whole process. Each node can keep a copy of the complete blockchain data, jointly witness the state of the block chain, avoid the centralization of credit risks, and prove the authenticity of the signed documents for the stakeholders when necessary.


5. Collection Description Application

The rare collections data will be sorted and digitized, combined with cloud technology to build a wide range of information data center, and network systems to provide substantive support information for Freyr APP, collection community and other sectors.


6. Collection Community Application

With great inclusiveness, it provides a learning and communication platform for collection fans, collection practitioners, collection economic participants and collection researchers. Users are graded according to their loyalty and involvement to the collection community. Users can obtain membership points by logging in, publishing notes, commenting and other ways to exchange for corresponding services. They can also pay FREC to buy biggie users’ star-class notes.


7. Artwork Transaction Application

Creators and collectors of the works can display their works on the trading platform. Collectors can view the growth process and value of the works and pay FREC for collections. At the same time, electronic tags can be added to new works. Blockchain technology can be used to mark ownership and record transaction data.


8. Virtual Exhibition Hall Application

The virtual exhibition hall can use VR technology to develop VR terminals and create a cooler exhibition effect than the real exhibition hall. It is connected to the database center through a wireless network, to present visitors with a wide range of information. People can buy a portable virtual museum through FREC. Some exhibition venues will always be open and constantly update the contents of the exhibition
Virtual facility builders can also pay a certain FREC to create their own exhibition hall, and release the exhibition hall information through the platform column. Collectors can pay a certain amount of FREC to the owner of the exhibition hall, and rent a virtual exhibition hall to create an exhibition of personal works. Virtual exhibition halls will continue to improve their popularity and charge fees according to the operation.


9. Collection Education Application

Freyr APP can open up education columns, and collection experts can publish education training information by pledging the FREC with an estimated value. Collection fans can register for training, using FREC to pay the training fees. They can also upload exclusive training materials and video data to the Cloud for collection fans to download by paying FREC. The platform allows collectors and connoisseurs to impart knowledge, improve fame, and receive corresponding FREC rewards


10. Raw Material Trading Application

The platform can open up e-commerce columns for well-known brands of raw materials for collection creation. Raw material suppliers can pledge a certain amount of FREC Besides with their credit to release raw materials for trading, and get the year-end FREC reward according to the circulation quantity of FREC and the number of praise. Collection fans can use FREC to obtain authentic and quality raw materials through the platform.

Freyrchain devotes itself to building the first blockchain-based collection authentication platform worldwide.

Email: services@freyrchain.org